Small Change

This is a section of the Henry Blog where I talk about finances.  Sometimes I might talk about other topics where I think Small Changes can add up to big results.  But this area is primarily for finances because I really enjoy that sort of thing.

The image of the penny featured above may seem unremarkable at first.  However, it happens to be an aluminum penny.  In 1973, the US Mint flirted with the idea of moving away from copper and using an alternate material for pennies.  Aluminum was an option, and some 1.5 million aluminum pennies were produced with the 1974 date.  As luck would have it, the price of copper came back down, the cost of producing copper pennies remained viable, and the aluminum pennies (and other alternate materials) were not necessary.  The 1.5 million aluminum pennies were never released into circulation, but there are 12 to 14 specimens that were never returned to the Mint.