The First Henryversary – Paper

Henry and I have been here together about a year now.  One of the million tasks has been to coordinate the removal the Raccoon Tree at the end of the driveway.

The Raccoon Tree is a gorgeous, though quite rotten, maple tree* that must be approximately as old as Henry.  So maybe 125 years, give or take..?  It shades the street, and graciously welcomes one home each day, forming the beginning of a leafy cathedral over the driveway.  Most importantly (to some four-footed folk), it is one of the prime spots for canine pee-mail on this leisurely road.

It is also a severe threat to any vehicle parked in the street, constantly dropping branches & debris, and is conducive to migraines at the thought of a wind, storm, or hurricane season.  Not to mention the fact a family of raccoons made a cozy home during the spring in one of the many rotten cavities.  The neighbors gathered on several occasions to marvel over “momma” hauling her wayward kits back up the trunk during the early twilight hour.  (No wonder they moved on after a few weeks.)

After things settled down a bit, I made some calls.  Turns out, the Raccoon Tree is so close to the road that it falls under the town jurisdiction.  Hallelujah!  I’m dodging a major bullet on this one!  The town will remove the Raccoon Tree!

The Town agreed to remove Henry’s Raccoon Tree.  2016

It occurs to me as I write this post, “paper” is the traditional first-year anniversary gift. What better way to commemorate my first Henryversary than with this piece of paper? To me, it represents stewardship and the opportunity for new growth.

Check out some of the “aftermath.”

New landscaping for the front yard
The Master Suite


*I have another maple tree story, but that is from another place, for another time.  All I have to say for now, is “Chainsaw Guy:  PELTED!”  And thanks, Dad, it was one of the best days ever.

4 thoughts on “The First Henryversary – Paper

  1. Oh, Henry… There’s your fire pit wood. Score! It really opens the place up – you know, for pics! I still say we’re “equal” in achievement level with my Wi-Fi ordeal, just sayin. Enjoy the new view!

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    1. The raccoon family moved away before the arrangements were made. It would have been cruel to evict a single mom and her family by chopping down their home while they were living in it. I imagine they moved a bit farther along the stream into another damaged tree (there are plenty). There is also an abundance of restaurant dumpster foraging nearby. I imagine it won’t be long before they are too fat to climb trees anyway!

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