The Plastic Comes Down

When I met Henry, the roof had recently been completely replaced.  The protective plastic sheeting was still tacked up to the rafters, and the attic was crammed full of, um, stuff.  Even so, I could feel in my bones that it was a wonderful space, a diamond in the rough.  I made an unspoken deal with Henry – right then and there – this attic would be my future studio.

One of the first major tasks for the attic would be to remove all the plastic sheeting.  I mentioned it was “protective” plastic sheeting.  One of the protections it provided was to divert the roofing debris from falling into the attic during the roof replacement work.  Trust me when I say it was a painstaking and dirty process.

One of the plastic sections I removed revealed an additional nook that wasn’t visible earlier.  What an amazing discovery!

attic nook 1
Yes, that is yellow shag carpet, glued to the floor.  Who does that?

The discovery of this newly-found space was met with nothing short of apathy.

attic 3
Apparently, no one else shared my enthusiasm, as usual.
attic 4
The last section of plastic awaiting removal.
attic 5
Finally, a blank canvas!

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