PhotoGuy Studio… Prep Work

PhotoGuy Studio 1
First visit to Henry in June 2015, view of PhotoGuy’s future studio.

When Henry was listed for sale, there was mention of a detached garage.  There was NO mention of the awesomeness hiding back here.  This area  is basically another two car garage, attached to the first two car garage.  It is fully insulated and armed to the teeth with heat and electricity.

The previous owners had the “back garage” set up as a major wood workshop.  (I’ve also just heard that a more distant owner used the space as a silver workshop.  I need to do more research on that nugget of information.)

PhotoGuy Studio 3
The old wood workshop, during the first visit to Henry, June 2015.

There was a massive amount of work to do to clean and prepare the space.  And then the sheetrock happened.

PhotoGuy Studio 4
Sheetrock now covering approximately 90% of the studio space.  This corner by the furnace is the last bit to finish.
PhotoGuy Studio 5
The Inspector is pleased.

Already, what a difference!  Covering the pegboard added another layer of thermal protection, and tamed the visual aspect of the space.

Then it was time to select the paint.  PhotoGuy wanted a neutral grey, which is not quite as easy as it seems.  You’d be amazed how the different greys can appear to have a slightly blue, green, red or yellow hue.  Selecting value can be equally daunting.

shadow on the wall
Shadow models the paint swatches.

So exciting!  Can’t wait to see the finished studio space!



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