The Dining Room

The dining room was a disaster.  It was difficult to envision any way to reclaim this space.

living room 1
This was the dining room the day of my first visit to Henry. I was standing in the only open space on the floor, there was so much clutter piled up everywhere.

At this point, I’d been living here for a few weeks.  I’ve already decided to use paint as a way to add continuity throughout the house.  So I’ll continue the Valspar Dogwood Petal in the dining room.  It will make a nice transitional view into the living room, and I hope it will tone down that fruit chandelier.  Most importantly, it will take the PINK paint away from the brick.  Really, who does that??

living room 2
Finally ready to really transform this space now. The wood paneled surface corners have been stabilized with expanding foam, nails, and sealed with caulk. Anomalies have been spackled, sanded and prepped.
living room 3
Chip, the Supervisor, strolls through.
living room 4 tar paper
Photo Guy has a great tip for protecting the floors when painting. Use tar paper for coverage. It is sturdy and will make a smooth edge against walls and corners, and its easy to cut with a blade. It won’t wrinkle and slide like plastic or fabric. Spilled paint will dry without bleeding through. And you can roll it up and re-use it again. Oh, and it is inexpensive!

I love painting.  Yes, it can be tedious.  Most of the effort is in the prep work.  But there is something so satisfying in that first brushstroke.  Something about settling into the zen of a repetitive rhythm.  Something about affecting what is directly in front of you, with simple tools.  Something about finishing up the fourth wall and looking back at the transformation that you made.

And when the clean-up is done, that fresh paint smell lingers for just a few fleeting days.  I love it.

dining room 5 painted
Ahhh. Much better.
dining room 6 dogs
The Supervisor and the Inspector seem satisfied.

How do you feel about painting?  Love it?  or not so much?

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