The Living Room

Pink.  So. Much. Pink.  It was everywhere.  Henry has v-groove paneling over ALL of the lath & plaster parts. Which is ALL painted pink.  Who would do that to my Henry?  It made me anxious.  It had to go.

living room before
See what I mean?

Pink.  Pink.

From the convent to the rectory
And over in the sacristy
I’m a goddamn travesty
And that’s just my luck

Pink.  PINK!!

Well these lies won’t save me
Don’t you know, don’t you know
From the time that made me
Here we go, here we go

At this point, I must introduce you to The Photo Guy.  He can do anything.  Absolutely anything.

Photo Guy
Photo Guy

Under Photo Guy’s watchful eye, we tore down the Victorian wagon-wheels in the bay window and some doorways.  Removed the multiple wall-mounted reading lamps.  Removed weird, thin molding from the corners.  Cleaned and scrubbed.  Sanded things.  Cleaned again.  Filled the corners behind the panelling with expanding foam to stabilize those anchor points.  Used caulk to smooth the seams.   Taped off the edges of everything.  Primer.  Cut in the corners with paint.  Rolled the walls.  Washed the windows.  Cut in the corners again.  Moving Day!!  Second coat of paint.  Mopped the floor.  Underlayment.  Carpet.  Minutes to spare before the furniture arrived.

living room: stabilized, caulked, painted.
Living Room. Much better.

 I can live with this.  I can breathe in here now.

*Lyrics: Dropkick Murphys

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